KingsRoad Hack Dragonstone with Bug

KingsRoad Dragonstone Bug
ONLY WORK Via Rumble or!!!!!
next time i made bug via 

Tools :
  • Using Chrome Or Opera Browser
  • Anti Banned
  • Auto Detect
  • Auto Click
  • Your Brain

-Don't resell this crack !!!
-share if it works and comments if there is a problem

How to use?

Watch Video !!

Download All Tools+Tutorial

Via SC1 or SC2

Via DU1 or DU2

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12 Komentar untuk "KingsRoad Hack Dragonstone with Bug"

Just work 7 time for me, -/+650 DS

Only work via Opera??? i try using chrome not work :(

My wizard lvl60
Archer lv30
Kneight 40+
work only using wizard ,

try again in different time

Just work if your lvl 40+

Survey not available in my country .. please help

simple , try using proxy switchy in chrome, use ip france and take easy survey(exc : download app 2mb)

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